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Guangzhou Zuolong Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Located in Caotang Highway Section, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, the factory has been built for ten years, specializing in the production of hardware tools such as wind batch nozzles, electric batch nozzles, hexagonal wrenches, screwdrivers, electronic telecommunication tools, auto maintenance tools and so on. "Desili® German Tools®" is a registered brand of the company.
      In 2013, our factory developed the drill bit Desili® bit. Its advantage is that it has a torsion zone that can absorb the kinetic energy of the screwdriver tip when the torque meets the peak value. As a result, it can reduce premature wear and tear. There are also mirror-faced nozzles produced by our factory, imported German production technology, and imported chemical water for grinding and electroplating. The hardness is HRC59-61° and meets the DIN911 standard.
     The hexagon wrench produced by our factory has our own appearance patent certificate. It has been on the market for more than six years. Customer feedback is very good. Its material is imported alloy tool steel. All production processes are strictly produced in accordance with German standards. Product accuracy and hardness And the torque is 20% higher than that of chrome vanadium steel, which meets the international standards, and our Allen wrench is inserted into the bottom of the screw and contacts from multiple sides of the screw, which can increase the service life.
      German-style adhering to "quality first, customer first" strives to make every customer satisfied and assured. German-style products are high-quality, medium-priced products that can be accepted by consumers. Desili will devote itself to the economic development of the hardware industry and make contributions to let Desili® German Tools® stay at the forefront of the industry and create greater glories!

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