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Focus on the production of wind batch nozzle、screwdriver hardware tools



Company Profile

Establishment: ZUOLONG has been established for nearly 20 years, specializing in the production of hardware tools such as bits, wrench, screwdriver, electronic and telecommunication tools, auto maintenance tools, etc. 'Desili' is a leading brand of the company launching in the domestic and foreign markets


Desili Tool Brand


  • one

    Successfully developed drill bit Desili® bits

    which has the advantage of a torsion zone, which can absorb the kinetic energy of the tip of the screwdriver when the torque is in line with the peak value.
  • two

    Introduced German production technology

    tThe hardness is hrc 59-61 ° and conforms to din911 standard.
  • three

    The Allen Wrench produced by our factory has our own appearance certificate

    All production processes are strictly in accordance with the German standard.
  • four

    Company structure advantage

    our company supports production and processing, distribution and wholesale, investment promotion and agency, Business services and other business models.
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