1. Establishment: ZUOLONG has been established for nearly 20 years, specializing in the production of hardware tools such as bits, wrench, screwdriver, electronic and telecommunication tools, auto maintenance tools, etc. 'Desili' is a leading brand of the company launching in the domestic and foreign markets

2. Personnel composition: the company's departments include raw material processing department, automatic numerical control workshop department, packaging department, leading group, and external processing team to form a strong production network and production supply chain.

3. Product advantages (quality first) : (I) in 2013, our factory developed the 'Desili’ bit, which has the advantage of a torsion zone, which can absorb the kinetic energy of the tip of the screwdriver when the torque is in line with the peak value. As a result, it can reduce premature wear and damage. (II) In addition, the mirror bits produced by our factory is manufactured by imported German production process and imported chemical composition for grinding and electroplating. The hardness is hrc 59-61 ° and conforms to din911 standard. (III) The Allen Wrench produced by our factory has our own appearance certificate, and the customer feedback is very positive. Its material is imported alloy tool steel. All production processes are strictly in accordance with the German standard. The precision, hardness and torque of the product are higher than those of chrome vanadium steel, and all of them meet the international standards. Moreover, when Allen Wrench is inserted into the bottom of the screw, it can contact the screw from many sides, and increase the productivity & its service life.

4. Company structure advantage: our company supports production and processing, distribution and wholesale, investment promotion and agency, Business services and other business models.

5. Brand advantage and success : Adhering to the "quality & customer first" and striving to make every customer satisfied and assured, 'Desili' products are high-quality and reasonably priced, which is attractive for most consumers. 'Desili' is committed to contribute to the economic development of the hardware industry, and 'Desili' tools will stay in the forefront of the industry.

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